Chef at home

Chef at home


How much does a home chef cost in Mallorca?

The price of a home chef in Mallorca varies depending on several factors, such as the chef’s experience, the number of guests, the type of menu, and the complexity of the dishes. In general, you can find prices ranging from €50 to €150 per person.

What home chefs are there in Mallorca?

In Mallorca you will find a wide variety of chefs at home, specializing in different types of cuisine, such as Mediterranean cuisine, international cuisine, creative cuisine, vegan cuisine and much more.

Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in Mallorca with a chef at home!

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Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in Mallorca with a chef at home

Do you want to surprise your guests with a delicious and original dinner without having to leave home? Looking for a special way to celebrate an anniversary or milestone? Hire a home chef in Mallorca and live an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

What does a home chef offer you in Mallorca?

A home chef offers you the convenience of enjoying a customized, freshly prepared menu in the comfort of your own home. All you have to worry about is relaxing and enjoying the company of your guests.

What are the advantages of hiring a home chef in Mallorca?

  • Personalized menus: The chef will create a tailor-made menu for you, taking into account your tastes, preferences, and dietary needs.
  • Fresh and quality ingredients: The chef will use only the freshest and best quality ingredients to prepare your dishes.
  • A unique experience: You will enjoy a unique and memorable dining experience in the comfort of your own home.
  • Convenience and time saving: You won’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or buying ingredients. The chef will take care of everything so that you can enjoy the occasion to the fullest.

How does the home chef service work in Mallorca?

It’s very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Contact a home chef in Mallorca: You can find home chefs in Mallorca online, in specialized directories or by asking your friends and family for recommendations.
  2. Tell the chef about your needs: Explain to the chef what kind of food you like, how many guests you’ll have, and what budget you have.
  3. The chef will send you a menu proposal: The chef will send you a personalized menu proposal, which you can modify to your liking.
  4. The chef will take care of everything: The chef will be in charge of buying the ingredients, cooking the dishes, serving the food and cleaning the kitchen


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