How can I hire a repairman in Mallorca?

It’s very simple. You just have to contact Serveis Llevant through their website, telephone or email. We will attend to you personally and help you solve the problems in your home quickly and efficiently.


Do you need a handyman in Mallorca to solve those small problems at home?

Please stop! In Mallorca you will find a wide variety of professionals specialized in home repairs to help you with any problem you have, from hanging pictures to assembling furniture, through simple electrical repairs or minor water leaks.

What kind of repairs can you make?

As a handyman in Mallorca, I can help you with a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Small electrical jobs: Changing light bulbs, installing plugs or switches, repairing loose wires, etc.
  • DIY: Hanging pictures or shelves, assembling furniture, repairing doors or windows, etc.
  • Basic plumbing: Repair of leaky faucets, unclogging sinks or sinks, replacement of hoses, etc.
  • Other household jobs: Joint sealing, gutter cleaning, basic gardening, etc.

What are the advantages of hiring me as a handyman in Mallorca?

  • I am fast and efficient: I can fix most household problems quickly and efficiently, without needing to wait days or weeks for a professional to come and see you.
  • I am economical: I offer competitive prices and adjusted to your budget.
  • I am flexible: I can tailor my services to your specific needs and availability.
  • I am trustworthy: I am an honest and trustworthy professional, and I always strive to offer quality work.


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